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Author Topic: Sins of a Hex Empire  (Read 7333 times)

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Sins of a Hex Empire
« on: October 19, 2013, 01:59:30 am »
Sins of a Hex Empire
Disclaimer:  Due to VS2012 apparently not liking Windows XP under its default settings, this won't work on Windows XP.  It's also a poor clone of Hex Empire(http://www.freewebarcade.com/game/hex-empire/).

Download link -- http://goo.gl/wLStq7

  • Turn based strategy game
  • Your goal is to defeat three opposing AI and conquer the entire map
  • The black dots scattered across the map are cities. If you own a city, it generates one army every turn.
  • Capitals (the stars) generate two armies per turn. If you capture a capital, that enemy will be eliminated
  • Your units have two values -- armies and experience. Armies are the thin black crosses, experience is the black outline around those crosses.
  • A unit gains experience whenever it expands your nations borders
  • You only get 5 moves per turn
  • Pressing enter moves to the next turn
  • Pressing spacebar at any time spawns a new map.

I think that's about it. It was originally written with SDL, but I ported it over to SFML. That old version never had AI and never worked quite right.  I ended up drastically changing the code structure, updated a lot of old functions since a lot of my old code was terrible, fixed a bug with the pathfinding which took forever to figure out, and added in an AI. The AI is terrible, but it only has a few hours of work on it, and I don't care enough to improve it. It's managed to beat me a few times so I figure that it's good enough for a base line level. It's still mostly retarded though. If you want a harder challenge you can artificially handicap yourself by picking a terrible starting position.

I didn't really test it too much, so there are probably some bugs.
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Re: Sins of a Hex Empire
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2013, 02:36:06 pm »
I will surely check it out when i get home, looks sweet!

After playing the game and lose few time i figured out i have no idea how the unit system works...
I also did have issues with commands you should at least write in post a list of commands.

List of stuff you should consider redoing:
1: Unit count and power!, during my gameplay i had no idea why my troops kept loosing, and it seamed we both had 9 starts in power.
2: Little explanation on whats terrain and whats territory. At first glimpse there are collors for each faction and i did not notice that the blue is not a faction but water.
On this subject you could make flags on land instead of full colored hexagons. That would allow for better visuals.

I liked the game, it was a blast with the lack of information.
It has potential but it needs some love.
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