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Author Topic: [Multiplayer Card Game] Mister President  (Read 6376 times)

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[Multiplayer Card Game] Mister President
« on: December 29, 2013, 12:13:46 pm »
Mister President


T.I.E Studio (futur ex-Crim'17++)
This Is Everithing (This means imagination)

Mister President is an online multiplayer card game. This game is also known as "AssHole" and the rules are simple : you take part on a game with other players (generally 4). All the cards are dealt and you only have to get rid of them, in a turn by turn exchange. But pay attention, you can only play higher cards than the previous ones played, and two of a kind over the top of another two of a kind, etc !The winner becomes President, the looser Asshole, and on the next game, the asshole must give his two best cards to the President, and sadly get back the two worst ones of the President...

You've got an acount(login et mot de passe), which permit you to see your game history, and to know your rank. Most of the variants are integrated and you can chose your favorite combination on the game options. You can create a game or join another, online, or on WLAN (You create a game, give your IP to your friends who can directly join you)

Discover the game on Youtube

Mister President particularity ?
Mister President will make a "humoristic touch" at every moment. Trough datas of profiles and statistics generated  in the short, medium and long term, the game will make special alerts on the middle o a game with announcments like "players with "toto" on tag are the biggest assholes of the year 20yy". There will be animations of ceremony of prize-giving every month then every year for the best President/AssHles of the month/year ("asshole of the year 2015" for example). Trophies which every one will can see when you'll come on a game ! It will be fun ! :p

classic rules*
*Most of these parameters will can be changed on the game options

  • players|Number of players : 4 only (for this demo)
  • Order of cards : 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King As 2, no order on colors.
  • permitted hand : You can play only unique cards, two of a kind, three of a kind or squares.
  • Pass : You also can play no cards.
  • Revolution : playing a square revert the order of cards described right above.
  • permitted number of cards : the first player of a turn choose the permitted number of cards.
  • The 2 cuts: It's not possible to play over the top of a 2. This card is also submitted to previous rule.
  • Exchange of cards at the end of a game : Not implemented for this demo

Multiplayer Card Game

C++11, SFML 2.0, SFGUI 0.1, php5, Apache 2, MySQL, SVN, NTL, RSA, CodeIgniter, Azure, CodeBlocks, MySQL Workbench 6.0

Open-Source ?
Yes but not for the moment, because the source code needs a really important. The number of lines of code is aproximatively 4000 for the moment.

Platforms targets
Windows, Mac, Linux (Yes the 3 platforms !)

English, French, spanish and more soon.

Project State(35%)
Done :

  • Mode LAN/WLAN
  • rules
  • amp server
  • database
  • sort of cards
  • handle a simple game
  • Menus
  • WebService
  • login system
  • Installer

Todo List :
  • online mode (matchmaking)
  • rules options
  • Graphics
  • HUD Profile
  • handle game history

A demo as Christmas present !
I'm really sorry, but for the moment it will miss a platform (Mac), because my PCs mutually decided to not virtualize a Mac OS, and I must wait to come back to my job where PCs are more flexible ;)

My spanish friends, "disc├╣lpeme", but it will also miss a complete translation for you, but a friend is finishing it and it will be available very soon

Windows :
Download for Windows

Linux :
Download for linux

Be Carful Linux !

It seems that a known issue is causing trouble in creating a game (threading trouble). For the moment, only join Windows and Mac games.

Ok, it's all I think.. oh, also :

As you can see, we (developpers) have done everything, even graphics, translations, etc (and my english is not perfect as you can read ^^).. i you want you can join us or ponctually help by adding a translation or help us for 2D graphics and animation. For now, we could doo it ourselves, but in the future o this game, it will habe intro cinematics, in-game animations, etc so..

  • 2D graphist (menus, cards, HUD, in-game animations (card moving,prize-giving, winner/looser animation, etc.. )
  • tanslators (italian, german, end any language you want with the tranlsation system used)
  • 3D Graphist/artists (for intro cinematic (T.I.E Studio)) <= not important for the moment

back to the future...
If this game works and develops a little community arround its demo and on the different networks, it will continue to a finale version totally customisable (rules, commands, profile, etc), with the adding of a detailed profile, statistic generation, game history, animations, more languages, still the 3 paltforms. The game will be available on download by the marketing metod "Pay What You Want", so free for those who will not want to pay for it

To resume,

Here is a playable demo of a cross-platform multihread, multiplayer, multilingue, game,  with a  24/24 7/7 opened server, open-source, with an ambitious future, and if you want it, promising, so have a delicious meal, Ladies and gentlemen President !

Any questions ?
Ask it, every question will have an answer.

The T.I.E Studio Team
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Re: [Multiplayer Card Game] Mister President
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2014, 01:39:12 am »
Really surprised that this game is a total flop... I gues there is a good reason so in this case please tell me what's wrong so I could improve the game thanks to your feedbacks.

The difficulty to organise a game with 4 players let me think that I had to add a solo mode, and an AI. This work is in progress, and a new release of the demo will be downloadable soon. It will include complete spanish translation and Mac release.

A new video has been added to the original post. Look at it, and give your feelings, every comment will be helpful, even if it's to explain why the game is not interesting for you.


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Re: [Multiplayer Card Game] Mister President
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2014, 01:51:49 am »
The game looks really neat, it is not a flop as you call it, its a perfectly fine game.

However, as you should expect, no one will enjoy all the trouble to start testing the game (subcribing, connecting to IP, gathering the friends needed, etc).

If the game was more accessible people would at least try it and comment on it, I guess :)


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Re: [Multiplayer Card Game] Mister President
« Reply #3 on: January 09, 2014, 01:51:57 am »
I think you did quite a good job at your game, it's rather the genre (card games) which is not too popular. It seems to me that most people prefer action or puzzle games with actual graphics... But I know this game, in fact I have played it a lot in real life. If you know the other players personally, it's usually much more fun ;)

You already have "graphics" on your roadmap, and maybe I can comment on where I would start: The Crim'17 logo with its orange and bright green color doesn't fit the rest of the theme. The background and the GUI looks very calm and nice, but this logo is too aggressive. Maybe you could also darken the cards slightly, a light grey gradient might look quite nice.
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Re: [Multiplayer Card Game] Mister President
« Reply #4 on: January 09, 2014, 12:17:36 pm »
Thanks a lot Grimshaw and Nexus for your advices :)

For the "product placement" ;D I'll take it off, you're right, it's too much ^^ (by the way it's Crim'17++ : the pad "gives" the two "plus" signs)

On the other sites I posted the game, everybody says quite the same thing : "President is not a game that you want to play online, it's more an "IRL funny game"..."

The positive thing is that this game permited me to see a lot of things about game development.

Thanks you SFML and SFGUI you did a lot of things that I didn't have to do :). And thank you SFNUL to have come after the war ! ;D

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Re: [Multiplayer Card Game] Mister President
« Reply #5 on: January 09, 2014, 02:08:09 pm »
In sum, you learned a lot and are now a better developer. Kudos on that. But please finish a single player of that game, polish a little bit more, and put it in your portfolio.

You already valued your time by learning and practicing, now make that value official by having something to show for it. Then move on to the next project, which will certainly be better!

The best of luck in your endeavors!


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Re: [Multiplayer Card Game] Mister President
« Reply #6 on: January 09, 2014, 04:31:05 pm »
Don't worry :) (beeee haappy..  8))  (euh.. kudos ?)

Thank you a lot for your support.

 I won't abort the project without making a final version cross-platform, with a lot of languages, a basic Solo mode, an AI, matchmaking,  and some improvments on existing which are already on pipe, like options to stop/start music, and maybe (because it's simple), permit to change commands.

However, if I really abort the project, It will not include alerts, animations, possibility to change rules, advanced account and profile, history, trophies, and events. There will be no final version downloadable with the "pay what you want" method, only a free not finished release.
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