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Author Topic: TweekEngine - Clone of the Stick of Truth Engine  (Read 2375 times)

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TweekEngine - Clone of the Stick of Truth Engine
« on: May 28, 2014, 06:33:44 pm »
Hey altogether,
I'm building a game Engine using SFML called TweekEngine.
If somebody knows South Park The Stick Of Truth, this is how it looks and works.
As a big South Park Fan I'm rebuilding the Engine behind this mindblowing-good game developed by Obsidian.

Click here for an image

The Idea
Rebuilding the Stick of Truth Engine with SFML and .NET

The Project
I'm programming in VB.NET and using SFML for all the grsphics.
I made a Sprite3D class, that allows me having South Park Styled 3D in my SFML environment.
The Game flow itself relies on a scripting language called TweakedJs that I developed to involve students into programming at our "Project days" at school (older students can make projects and teach other students for two days)
I developed a Plugin for TweekdJs, that adds SFML to TweakedJs.
The Resources can be made using my GameManager IDE.

Starting Screen
Menu Screen

2D Map
2D Tile Management and 2D Textures
Player and Movement
Head Up Display
2.5D Graphics
5+1 DTS Sound
Resource Manager
Scripting Language
Game Flow
Menu Screens
NPC Players
Video Playback

Colors: implemented, stable; implemented, unstable; not fully implemented; not implemented

I've written more than 4000 lines of code until now.

More Project Updates will follow soon.
Download will be once available on TweekdSoft.

PS: The title is a word play on the South Park Character Tweek (In my Wiki!), who's known to be fast and hyperactive.

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