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Author Topic: SFML Tetris clone  (Read 3373 times)

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SFML Tetris clone
« on: December 01, 2015, 07:04:53 pm »
I wanted to see how simply/fast I could make a clone of Tetris, so here it is!  I did this in about 5 hours, and it's probably my 3rd time writing it.  Just wanted to share it since it may help others that are trying to do something similar.


Some things:
  • I spent very little time on the graphics, and there's no audio (just wanted to focus on the gameplay
  • I think the collision code worked out pretty well this time, but I'm always looking for more suggestions on how to improve it
  • Rotation tries to rotate the piece, if it fails it moves the piece one slot left, and then one slot right (according to TGM rules)
  • Control will swap your piece into the holding pen if you haven't already
  • You can press ALT to push garbage pieces into the play field (sucks if you try to alt tab though)
  • There is a ghost piece that shows where you will drop if you press space

I also started the work of adding client/server support (ultimately I would like to support 16 players at once), but all it does right now is let you specify whether you want to start as a server (--server on the command line) or a client (specify an IP address) and then the server can press 'B' to say hello to the client in their console.