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Author Topic: Procedural Content Generation for C++ Game Development - another book using SFML  (Read 3838 times)

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found this earlier today



published January 30, 2016

it's not really a book on how to use SFML
the author just uses SFML for window, sprite management and music

he does create a game (see the cover of the book) but I haven't tried it out yet 

I have a subscription to Packt Publishing so I'm reading the book now
Just started it and I'm liking it

from the projects I've seen posted in this forum I can tell that the SFML stuff is too basic for 90% of the people on this forum
but they might find the other stuff useful
(he has a nice chapter on A*)


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Cool, thanks for sharing! :)
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Ah yes, finally a book on this topic with real life C++ code. This will come in handy in one of my planned projects. Thanks for the info.


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thanks for sharing

the book looks really great in deep understanding of sfml and game developments as well

i'm glad it released and just on time, when i started to make roguelike game. this book will definitely will help me a lot in my game.