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Author Topic: [Suggestion] generic network game layer  (Read 4694 times)

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[Suggestion] generic network game layer
« on: January 11, 2010, 09:44:25 pm »
SFML network support is very good: OO, simple, clean and all. But it only has what is reasonable for a multimedia library (I think).

I would like to suggest to someone do a quite generic network layer over SFML, handling all the client/server communication stuff (messages, losses, ordering..), server failover, lobby support, etc. Just like other libs like Grapples does, but using SFML.
It's a common need on netplay games, so I think it would be of great use for many SFML users.  :wink:

Networks isn't my best area, but I plan to add netplay support for my SFML project EvE. So I'm trying to decide if I go with a library like Grapples, or I try myself codding with SFML network layer (or ask someone to do a generic support to be used in whatever SFML networking game projects would need it, like EvE :) :oops:)

Hope this is not off-board

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