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Author Topic: The Aracit Game Engine  (Read 1865 times)

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The Aracit Game Engine
« on: February 12, 2017, 08:39:57 am »
Aracit Game Engine

For the last few months I have been working hard on a game engine for me to use in future games of mine. It is specifically going to be a tilemap game engine for use in top down games, but it would not be difficult to repurpose for other types of games.

I have done major reading on proper game engine architecture for the last year, and managed to finally find an architecture I liked that should be not too difficult to implement. I have pulled together a large portion of the engine within the last month, and luckily made everything flexible enough for my needs.

I still have a long way until I'm done, but I decided to post what I have and get some opinions. This engine is going to be using sfml and the windows api (I am using it for plugin loading but also plan to implent lua)

I currently have the game server running at a good speed and have managed to optimize it extremely. I plan to fully implement mulithreading.

The engine itself is layed out to be networked and multiplayer, and a single player game could just have it so nobody else could connect.

I currently have a full architecture for game objects of tile types and entities, a fully working event manager, a client and socket handler, updating time management, the structuring of the colission and physics system, and plan to create and implement an ai component soon.

I have decided to make this engine my primary programming focus, the only other being 1602 assembly (for the nes),

I plan to keep everyone updated and use my brand new capture card (applause) to create a few vidoes about the engine. Once I actually release the code in a little while (cause I'm a perfectionist and want everything I can do done) I would like some feedback on what I could have done better.

Plugins will be using dll with a custum DLL loading system (because the windows api didn't fully support loading DLL from memory) that is already created. I used this because I need to be able to stream a plugin and load templates for tiles and objects dynamically based in the area they are in. Games using this system probably won't want to be generated and rather built (unless I find a system to help).

I would like your opinion on what I have said here as well, as you may have your own solutions to my issues.

For the moment I have a few things I am yet to create and have on my list to implent:
        A streaming rather than full loading system
        The full client
        A GUI (fully implemented)
        Full integration of the plugin loading system
        TinyXml (for use in systems for generic things) 

The client really doesn't do overly much yet, as it only displays tiles and objects, and allows messages to be sent to the server with key binds.

I hope to release at least some code or video soon, but I think I have struck gold (as I have made some pretty cr**** things in the past)

Thank you for reading this to the end and I will keep you updated.
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