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Author Topic: Info and Rules  (Read 17110 times)

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Info and Rules
« on: February 18, 2017, 12:26:05 pm »
Welcome to a new sub-forum!

SFML development's purpose is to provide a public space for discussions on SFML's development.

Back when the SFML Team was created, one of the criticism me and others had brought up were, that the development wasn't transparent enough. Over past few years, I think we've adjusted that significantly, with all changes to SFML happening in publicly available git branches, our CI system providing ready to use snapshots of every commit and having the recently introduced GitHub Project showing the status of the upcoming version more clearly.

With this sub-forum we want to involve the community even more in discussions in the past may have happened just internally and more importantly, with SFML 3 being on the distant horizon, we have to start with various discussions on what should or shouldn't be changed for the new major version. Additionally, the collection of threads should help us find and jump to specific discussions with easy, so we can prevent discussing the same topic multiple times.

In order to keep discussions concise, please read and understand the following rules and restrictions:
  • This forum is meant for discussion on topics that are currently in development or planned to be developed soon.
  • Only SFML Team members are allowed to create new threads.
  • Everyone can post to created threads, but please stay on topic.
  • The threads will be heavily moderated, so we can really focus on the topic.
  • Feature requests still go into the dedicated sub-forum and have no place in SFML development.
  • Suggestions for a topic to discuss next can be posted on the suggestion thread.
  • Use a clear structure, like main point, arguments, use cases, examples.

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