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Author Topic: Vigilante Game Framework  (Read 1941 times)

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Vigilante Game Framework
« on: April 05, 2017, 09:16:16 pm »
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So I've open sourced the framework I built for my game on Steam, Gemstone Keeper.

The basic goal of this was to provide a code base to allow me to have a base game loop with ability to render, update, change game states and so on, and I was mostly inspired by how HaxeFlixel structured their framework. Later on I added some of the more fancy features like the infinite scrolling backdrop and 3D rendering.

I'd appreciate some feedback and ways to improve the code, optimisations and whatnot. Since almost all of us are coders I'm sure there are many ways stuff in here could be approached, hopefully it's all clear enough but if not I'm willing to answer any questions.