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Author Topic: Redstay - simple hobby 2D Platformer  (Read 2406 times)

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Redstay - simple hobby 2D Platformer
« on: June 14, 2017, 12:31:35 am »
Hello  :) Last week I made a simple platformer on SFML for educational purposes.


- A and D to move
- W to jump
- E to use magnet
- Enter in main menu to start new game

Game objects:
key - required to enter next level
teleport - teleports you to another position
time ray - slows down the time (useless :D )
magnet - pick it up to change gravity

Boss fight tactic:
avoid projectiles using magnet and jump on his head when he is moving

Tools used:
Visual Studio 2012
SFML 2.4.2
Tiled Map Editor

MrOnlineCoder (me) - creator, programmer, level designer
Eric Matyas and Kevin MacLeod - music

Thanks to Laurent Gomila for such useful library, of course!   ;)

Download: https://github.com/MrOnlineCoder/Redstay/releases/download/1.0.0/Redstay.by.MrOnlineCoder.zip

GitHub: https://github.com/MrOnlineCoder/Redstay

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