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Author Topic: News : sfml-audio finally 100% usable on Linux  (Read 4374 times)

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News : sfml-audio finally 100% usable on Linux
« on: February 22, 2008, 03:28:22 pm »
Hi :)

As most of you know, the audio package on Linux is buggy due to the very bad official implementation of OpenAL.

I finally tested openal-soft, which is a free implementation of OpenAL and promises to be more stable than the official one. After a few tests, I can say that it works 100%, no more bug or jerky sound.

What's new now :

- On Windows, there's no more need to install OpenAL with oalinst.exe, a copy of openal32.dll will be enough.

- On Linux, as openal-soft is not yet widely supported on the repositories, you will most likely have to compile it yourself. The good news is that as a compliant implementation of OpenAL, you won't have to recompile SFML nor your programs using it, just replacing the binaries will do the job. I think I'll put a version of the precompiled binaries in the next Linux SDK, it will be more convenient for most people ;)

More informations and downloads for openal-soft :
Laurent Gomila - SFML developer