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Author Topic: [Workyrie] Wanderjahr TryAgainOrWalkAway  (Read 4241 times)

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[Workyrie] Wanderjahr TryAgainOrWalkAway
« on: March 19, 2021, 10:02:47 am »
Hi everyone :)

I use SFML for a long time but didn't notice this forum.
So today I would like to show my games made by SFML.
And share some interesting experiences with you.

Wanderjahr TryAgainOrWalkAway (PC-steam 2016)

This game was made in 2012, by SFML 1.6.
The reason I choose SFML is that after trying several engines, this one is the best suit for me.
I didn't want to use fancy features, just want some wrapper to let me draw sprite and play sound easily.
And SFML works well without any problem.

When the time comes, I had a chance to port my game to the console machines.
I realize that it is easy.
Since SFML had categorized source code and feature into different modules already.
What I just need to do is re-write some functions of SFML (draw and sound) by using the console's API.
You can think it is something like made another SFML by using DirectX instead of OpenGL.
I don't need to touch any game's layer source code.
And the porting process, of the game's engine part, took only a few days.

At that time I have to find some tool to manage the animation system.
Such as define the animation timing of each frame,
define collision box for each frame, playtest animation with the ghost of the previous frame, etc.
(I think Unity didn't have those features and Unreal still not free at that time.)
So, I finally decide to use my favorite toy, Fighter Factor.
Yes, the one you use to create custom characters for that open-source 2d fighting game, MUGEN.
Fighter Factory works well for my requirement but it generates a unique result file.
No engine in this world can open this file format but that is not a problem.
Since SFML provides the source code and I attach it to the project solution.
I can add my own sprite render API that supports that file format.
This makes the source code of the game layer intact and the overall architecture is beautiful.

Please feel free to discuss or ask any question :)
And there is another game I made with SFML, please see the next thread :P


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Re: [Workyrie] Wanderjahr TryAgainOrWalkAway
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2021, 10:10:54 pm »
So cool to see such a polished game with SFML 1.6 and that you kept it up and released it on Steam.
When I first started with SFML there were some games around, but few in kind of polished state. Of course by then it was still rather hard to get games onto Steam, so most of these early games are kind of lost.

Also always awesome to hear stories how SFML can shiny in situations like porting and integrating with custom solutions.

It's not exactly my genre of games but I had to grab a copy regardless. ;D
Thanks for sharing!
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