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Author Topic: NVIDIA Linnux machines causing Failed to activate the window's context  (Read 2082 times)

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I've been browsing the forums for an answer to to this one for a while:
We are working on a project and have it compiling, and running on a Windows (previously NVIDIA), Debian (Intel GPU), and Arch Linux (AMD GPU). The window loads without error and draws a circle like it is supposed to.

However, on one of our development desktops that runs Arch with an Nvidia GPU, and previously Ubuntu with an Nividia GPU, we get the "Failed to activate the window's context" as soon as we try to render or clear anything. this happens whether we compile and run, or run a version compiled by a working machine. The odd thing is that we can use compiled version from the broken desktop on other machines and it works fine. The bad install is using SFML 2.5.1-2 from the official community repo. Also running NVIDIA 465.31

EDIT: We have narrowed down the issue to threading, however it doesn't make sense that the threads would work on one version of Arch, but not the other.
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Not sure what you mean with "threading" exactly?
But you can't really mix OpenGL/SFML rendering with multi-threading, as OpenGL is not multi-threading capable.

"It works on my machine" is never really a good enough reason for why something should also work on another machine, especially if the topic at hand is multi-threading with different scheduling, timing, race conditions and GPU driver setups.

Do the SFML examples run?
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