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Author Topic: Extract Triangles  (Read 776 times)

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Extract Triangles
« on: November 24, 2023, 06:11:46 pm »
The different (solid) primitive types are useful for individual objects but, sometimes, we need independent triangles, especially if we want to have multiple (separate) shapes in a single vertex array.

Presenting to you, Extract Triangles!

Extract Triangles does exactly that; it extracts individual triangles from the other primitive types.

Basically, it's this:
sf::VertexArray triangleFan(sf::PrimitiveType::TriangleFan);
// set up vertices for triangle fan
sf::VertexArray independentTriangles{ extractTriangles::vertexArrayFrom(triangleFan) };

Simple, huh? 8)

It can also work with just vertices (i.e. std::vector<sf::Vertex>) as well as convert between the two types and - for some reason - can also create vertex buffers from either of those!

For more information as well as the code, visit the SFML wiki and/or the GitHub repository listed below.

Wiki page:

GitHub repository (it's a part of SfmlSnippets):

There is also an example showing it in action included in the repository and also on the wiki page.

Feel free to ask any questions or make any comments.
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