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Author Topic: cannot render this glyph format  (Read 1660 times)

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cannot render this glyph format
« on: August 24, 2010, 02:26:10 am »
I had an error
Failed to load font from disk (cannot render this glyph format)
but after looking at this thread,
I moved the font loading code after the window creation, and now the loading from disk error went away, but I still have a load from memory error instead.  I'm not trying to load from memory, so I'm assuming this is something the lib does internally, but why would it spit out this error if the file is obviously present?
Needless to say, anything rendered with this font writes nothing to the screen, so if someone has some ideas, I'd sure appreciate them.  Using osx 10.5, sfml1.6, and gcc 4.04.