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Author Topic: Non-Copyability And The Instance  (Read 1396 times)

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Non-Copyability And The Instance
« on: December 15, 2011, 12:23:50 pm »

And so a young scribe by name of Sweeney came unto the citadel and knelt before the Council, lowered his gaze in reverence and uttered, “Obviously, SFML Windows cannot be simply copied like normal objects, since they interface with all manner of graphicsy subsystems and data-y gubbins.“ And there was much hush among the hordes gathered there.

“Therefore,” he continued, “you, O great SFML Wizards of Navarung, have decreed them noncopyable, by overloading the = operator. How then are we to use them as instance variables, for you cannot assign them.”

And the Great Wizards did gaze from their skull-spangled titanium thrones fretfully upon his trembling, genuflected form, for his was not the question of one who had not his fair share of Googling performed, nor perhaps that of those charlatans who came without due attention to the Documentatory Scrolls. And a slight tittering among the masses there came, for this young man, though yet flushed and regretful of the impertinence of his question, had a valid point.

Baron Gringaw it was who broke the silence, his hand clasping gingerly the gnarlèd staffs of his seat’s frontispiece. (?) “Youngster, you have consulted the Scrolls and climbed the Overflowing Stacks of Knowledge, and finding no salvation you have come to these hallowed halls boldy, to seek of respite from the puzzle that has troubled your village; you have journeyed from its eastern salt-lashed plain, which bow and beseech the jealous skies of Mizzlefax, through the marshes of Wogglefain, combing the slopes of Mount Stinkypants and braving the angry straits beyond. And always your mind on this?”

And the scribe did cower and respond that it was so.

“And yet not once,“ continued Gringaw, his voice trembling with age and Codein-fueled delirium, “you considered the implications of the Create Method with whose blessing we imbued those self-same classes of which you spoke?“ And the Wizard turned from him, and muttered words, and banished him from that place, and banished his children and his brothers, and all those who knew him carnally, which was many, for he was a sexy scribe, and a confident dancer of the Shi-waddy-waddy. And boils sprang upon his face and arms and he fled from the halls of Navarung weeping and cursing his stupid-ass flawed nature, and retired to the country, that no unfortunates need be surprised to the point of vomitation by the sudden appearance of his disfigured face at a window or from behind an altarpiece or ornamental screen.

Code: [Select]


 sf::RenderWindow DBTWindow;


 DBTWindow.Create(sf::VideoMode(800,600), "");


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Non-Copyability And The Instance
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2011, 05:36:31 pm »
Roflmao. This deserves way more view xD !