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Author Topic: Checking server status - help  (Read 2220 times)

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Checking server status - help
« on: January 12, 2012, 02:51:45 am »
Hi, my names Daniel im farely new to SFML however im steadily learning its features and i have come to appreciate the features it offers.

now my question is, using the sfml2 tutorial on sockets, [which works fine by the way] how can i let the client know if the server is not up.

e.g. the user presses login > it sends a connection request > if it fails show an image.

im think it has to do with the following;

Code: [Select]
   if (socket.Connect(server, port) != sf::Socket::Done)
    std::cout << "Connected to server " << server << std::endl;

but i've tried a few methods like enclosing the if statement to use else, but it didnt work.

any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.[/code]