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sf::Http::Request Member List

This is the complete list of members for sf::Http::Request, including all inherited members.

Get enum valuesf::Http::Request
Head enum valuesf::Http::Request
Http (defined in sf::Http::Request)sf::Http::Requestfriend
Method enum namesf::Http::Request
Post enum valuesf::Http::Request
Request(const std::string &uri="/", Method method=Get, const std::string &body="")sf::Http::Request
setBody(const std::string &body)sf::Http::Request
setField(const std::string &field, const std::string &value)sf::Http::Request
setHttpVersion(unsigned int major, unsigned int minor)sf::Http::Request
setMethod(Method method)sf::Http::Request
setUri(const std::string &uri)sf::Http::Request