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We're glad to share with you the teaser trailer of our first game that we wish to release on PC, Mac and Linux. We're currently on Greenlight, go have a look and upvote if you like.

Takrog is a tactical RPG with a smart procedural generation of the world, quests and characters.
Every game is different from the other.


It's not completely arbitrary. The procedural aspect follows lot of connected rules that make a coherent universe.

For instance desert areas can't pop in the middle of a forest and are often far bigger than mountain areas.

About quests it's the same, it's neither a chain of random events nor basic side quests.

For instance you can meet someone that wants you to escort him to next town, and discover later that he's secret ally of some enemy you meet earlier, but all of this is not predetermined either, it depends on the past events and the player choices. It's like a "smart random".

The goal is to experiment a new epic story every time and force the player to adapt to the environment.


Every battlefield is randomly generated with a carefully crafted algorithm, that will challenge your strategic thinking skills.


Units evolve according to the way you play.
For example, when a character is hit several times, its HP max will increase.
If someone walks a lot, it will be able walk even more.

If the game interests you, please support us on Greenlight.


The game is still at an early development stage, stay tuned for updates right here or on twitter.


Questions and feedback are welcome :)

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