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SFML projects / [Multiplatform] GravytX The Gravytoid
« on: May 07, 2023, 01:00:50 pm »
I hope you are doing well!

It is with joy that I share with you the game GravytX The Gravytoid!

(The game should have been released 4 years earlier but due to some technical constraints it was delayed!)


About the game:
Play as GravytX an alien who has the ability to control objects remotely and manipulate gravity. Travel the universe to save the peoples who are under the domination of the Vodouas (Malicious beings who want to conquer the universe) and bring peace to their Planets.

• Here are some surprises that await you on your travels:
- Several Planets to discover
- Diverse and fun levels
- Gameplay mechanics unique to each Planet
- Fun puzzles to solve
- Multiple Bosses and Mini-bosses to challenge!
- And many other things to discover (We are not going to reveal everything to you anyway!)

 • Note that the game supports Gamepads!

Get ready to experience adventures beyond human understanding!

Game link:
Web (HTML 5) version
Android version
PC (Windows, Linux, macOS) version

Have fun and have a nice day!


Hello everyone,

I present to you is::Engine a 2D game engine based on SFML. It offers you tools (Language Manager, Game Scene, SDL 2, TMXLite, TMXLoader, Box 2D, Config System, Virtual Game Pad for Android, Admob, Tiny File Dialogs, ...) that allow you to easily develop your games on Web (HTML 5 - CSS 3), PC (Windows, Linux) and Android.
Game Engine Github Link

It is also accompanied by a level editor which allows you to create your own level and integrate it into the game engine :
Level Editor Github Link

Youtube tutorial :

How to import an SFML project into is::Engine

How to create a game (Arkanoid) with the game engine

Web Game screenshot

All comments are welcome.

General discussions / Android x64 support
« on: April 22, 2019, 01:55:56 pm »
Hello everyone,  :)

I am compiling SFML for the x64 android version but I get some errors. I feel that it is not compatible with this architecture (unless I'm wrong).

Is it possible to compile it with SFML 2.4.0 ?

It would be nice if in the next version of SFML this architecture is supported. Because soon Google Play will no longer accept native applications 32 bit but 64 bit.

SFML projects / [Multiplatform] I Can Transform : 5th Anniversary
« on: November 10, 2018, 04:38:25 pm »
I Can Transform is a 2D action platform game developed with the is::Engine (Github link) game engine. The game is available on Android and Web (HTML 5).

In this game you control Captain Is a boy who has the ability to transform into a mechanical object (Car, Motorcycle, Rocket, Drill, Helicopter, etc.) thanks to his special costume.
Your goal is to go through the levels to find the Vortex Gems, which you will later use to lock up the Assas (the villains who want to destroy the universe) in the Gakpame dimension.


Screenshot :
(click to show/hide)
  • I Can Transform integrates various game modes such as: Time Attack, Collect All Gems, Cross World, etc.
  • The Cross World mode allows you to travel in various worlds of famous video games and gives you rewards at the end of an event!
    Warning!!! It is temporarily available! Hurry up!
  • With the control system named ICON ACTION you can control the movements of the player with a single click. This allows everyone, even people with disabilities, to easily play the game!
  • I Can Transform integrates Ghost mode that allows you to challenge your friends or to raise your own records!
  • I Can Transform is a game that evolves over time. New levels, Bosses and other content (Transformations, Gameplay, Mini-Boss, etc.) are added during updates!
Available on :

    HTML 5
With this game you will always discover a new way to have fun!

General / [Android]Use AdMob with SFML
« on: April 04, 2018, 12:14:32 pm »
Hello everybody,  :)

Is it possible to use Admob with SFML to display ads?

If so, I will be glad that you advise me a tutorial that explains how to implement this module (without using Android studio because I want to use the example of SFML to do the test). I did some research on google but I found nothing concrete.

Thank you in advance for your solutions.  :)

General / [RESOLVED][Android] Crash when paused
« on: March 06, 2018, 11:45:05 am »
Hello everyone,

I have a problem with SFML 2.4.0 when I pause my smartphone.

- When I launch the application, and I leave it with the Home button by putting the phone in standby everything works well when I restart (via the task menu).
- But from the moment I click the Standby button when the application is active it crashes.

So I decided to do the same test on Windows to see if I will have the same problem and I got this message in the console (on Windows the application did not stop).

Al lib: <EE> MMDevApiProc: WaitForSingleObjectEx error: 0x102

I did some research on google to find a way to solve this problem but nothing concrete.

Thank you in advance for your solutions.

General / [Resolved][Android] Build SFML for Android ABI x86
« on: December 14, 2017, 11:49:48 am »
Hello everybody.

is it possible to build SFML for android architecture x86 ?

Thank you in advance for your help.  :D

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