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Big milestone reached with new Official Trailer and Closed Beta Signups! Hurry Up and Register! Don't miss your chance to Preview the game and Influence it's development!


Just a heads up we're reaching our next milestone soon, with more New Art, Major Rewrites, and Beta Testing opening up next week, if you guys want to get more details and see some new artwork!

Who is this mysterious cast of characters?

Oooh interesting, we haven't considered translations yet. I'll keep that in mind, thanks!

In other new, we got a shout-out at the StartSelect Podcast, Check it Out! Thanks Adam!

And if you haven’t already:
Check the Postmortem Homepage
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Track on IndieDB

Oh, and a bonus screenshot for your pleasure:


So it's essentially a birthday present for me? :P

Well, some are sent to earth to claim lives, others to make awesome birthday gifts ;)

Nope, all the graphics are just 2D iso tiles, rendered with stock SFML. Nothing too complex going on there tbh, though still working some rendering order kinks with non-square objects!

Just a quick update on a new article - Meet the Team: Gelerli, and new Concept Art!

Go read it!

Thanks guys  :D

Interesting and unconventional setting! This has a lot of potential :)

Will the playground be that gala or also other places? How do you investigate the different people or how do you learn about their past? I guess they won't talk to death personally :D (or do you pretend to be another human?)

And that's something you'll have to find out for yourself ;) Stay tuned for further announcements!


You are Death sent to claim a life in a country torn by
a violent domestic conflict and industrial revolution.

How will you choose?


Official Trailer

Watch the Teaser Video

We are currently in Closed Beta, so Hurry Up and Register! Don't miss your chance to Preview the game and Influence it's development!

We're also still looking out for one extra writer/editor and potentially graphic artist (in-game sprites, maybe GUI) so if you're interested shoot me an email at info@postmortemgame.com . We'll also be starting a second round of Beta Testing signups soon so keep an eye out!

Please check the Postmortem Homepage
Like on Facebook
Follow on Twitter
Track on IndieDB

What is Postmortem?

Postmortem is a short exploratory adventure game taking place in a fictional industrial-age country of Galicia, ravaged by five years of violent rioting between two ideologically and economically divided communities. You play as death incarnate, sent to a fundraising gala with the objective of claiming a single life from any of its attendants and staff.

By exploring the space, conversing with the patrons, and uncovering various clues, you will learn about the world and the characters, revealing how their deaths might (or might not!) influence the country.

But how much should you meddle with mortal affairs? Perhaps a random choice is the fairest? What other effects could your involvement have?

Quick FAQ

What is the state of the game?
The game is now in fully playable, feature-complete Beta! We are now making final design decisions, replacing and polishing placeholder art, as well as editing all writing + story.

What Platforms is it for?
Currently, only a PC release is planned. Will there be more? If it takes off :)

Will it be free?
Yup! If the game proves successful, I do have ideas for future episodes and projects that may go commercial, but the original will always be free!

Who is developing this game?
Me, with the help of two talented composers, three graphic artists, and a writer, but I am still looking for extra helping hands. So let me know if you'd like to jump onboard and become a part of the team!

When will it be released?
If all goes according to the plan, August 15!

So who is the author?

I am a travelling Cinematographer, Game Programmer and Web Developer currently living in Los Angeles. Aside from hobby game programming since me tweens, I have worked for two years at a small indie studio that published two titles for PCs and consoles. I also have a Masters in Comparative Ethnic Conflict which, as you can see, inspired much of the setting for the game. This isn't intended to brag so I'm skipping details - if you're still curious you can find more details about me here.

General discussions / Re: sf::Shader tutorial / example?
« on: November 07, 2012, 05:50:40 am »
ah I see now! thanks for the clarification!

General discussions / Re: sf::Shader tutorial / example?
« on: November 04, 2012, 11:02:38 pm »
G. - thanks that worked

Laurent and  kaB00M - the documentation isn't quite right. It tells me to do window.draw(sprite, shader) but window.draw() doesn't take a shader param, or sf::RenderStates states; states.shader = shader; which I cant do because the shader param is const.

General discussions / sf::Shader tutorial / example?
« on: November 03, 2012, 08:26:44 pm »
I am trying to use sf::Shader for a simple grayscale filter (on certain sprites) and getting really confused trying to wrap my head around it. I looked at http://en.sfml-dev.org/forums/index.php?topic=1791.0 but it seems to be outdated (the draw() function no longer takes a shader param for instance, and I couldnt set it in a renderstate as its const).

I got it working via bind/unbind() but I want to do it per-sprite - do I just keep binding and unbinding it then? or is there a better way?

secondly, while I've done some HLSL for DX before, I am getting confused with GLSL. I got tutorials that fill color or draw a circle working, but I cant quite figure out how to simply modify the inColor to grayscale it. Or how to even draw it. I tried a simple:

void main()
        gl_FragColor = gl_Color;  

and that just gives me a blank white screen.

Fyi here's my full render loop in case I missed anything:
//snip (setup views and stuff)
                        sf::Shader colorizePostEffect;
                        if (sf::Shader::isAvailable() )
                                if (colorizePostEffect.loadFromFile( "mypath", sf::Shader::Fragment  ) )
                                        // Setup the effect parameters                                                                         


Hey thanks for the quick reply! That's good to hear about SFML 2; how do I disable the OpenGL context (or does it not get enabled if I never draw to it)? And I was actually just reading about Crazy Eddie GUI, looks like it would be a perfect fit for my engine :)

So I just skimmed the tutorials, documentation and few quick forum searches and first of all - great job! SF seems so easy to get set up and provides a nice (altho a little basic) set of features.

That being said, I have my own engine I have been working on for a while and was thinking of integrating some parts of SFML in order to enhance cross-platform compatibility (windowing) and add new features (audio, threading, networking). So I have a few questions:

1) Firstly I assume I can just use parts of SFML (like windows, graphics) without the overhead/dependency on the rest of the stuff by including appropriate headers, right? So if I use SFML for JUST audio or networking I wont also need to include all the OpenGL libs, correct?

2) My engine is a 3D using DirectX9, but I would like to use SFML for Windowing and Events support - is that an option? I saw in the 2.0 tutorials that you can now create a Win32 window and then bind it to SFML (rather than the other way around), so I could still use the HWND for D3D, while keeping SFML for events.

But this is a bit cumbersome and takes away from cross-platform compatibility. Could I still use SFML method of creating windows and get the HWND for DX that way (if on windows)? And I also read somewhere that SFML creates an OpenGL context with every window, would that clash with my DX implementation? What if I tried to render DX and SFML to the same window (i.e. use SFML for 2D gui while DX for the 3D viewport)? If that is an issue, could I create non-OpenGL windows purely for DX and a separate "toolbar" window purely for SFML?

3) One feature sorely lacking in my engine is a good GUI system, are there any options for SFML? I saw SFUI but it only provides very basic widgets (Label, Text, Button) which is coincidentally all I have so far in my own engine, so there would be no benefit to using SFuI over it at this point.

4) Ignoring D3D, and if I was sticking to purely 2D games, what is SFMLs viability as a potential future iOS / Android platform? I read that this support is planned, but when could I expect that? I saw some people have already been experimenting with porting with some interesting, but mixed results.

Thanks for answering my queries! I did search the forums and found only partial answers (and many of those pre-2.0) so just wanted to double check :)

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