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Author Topic: Nero Game Engine  (Read 44063 times)

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Re: Nero Game Engine
« Reply #90 on: January 30, 2021, 09:32:31 pm »
Nero Game Engine SDK v1.0.6 Released

Hi everyone ! How do you do ?  ;D Happy new year  ;D ;D

The Engine SDK v1.0.6 has been released, you can download it here. I made a few bugs fixes and some improvement

Here are the major changes

1- No more Default_Scene
The Engine/Editor will not create a Default Scene if you add at least one Scene

2- nero::Editor alias
The nero::DevEngine can now be referred as nero::Editor by including the header <Nero/engine/Editor.h>. It's just an alias, both classes are exactly the same.
#include <Nero/engine/Editor.h>

int main()
    nero::Editor editor(1305);

    return 0;

3- Linking Glew in the SDK
The SDK now comes with Glew autommtically linked. This allows you to create OpenGL projects without any configuration. If you want to learn OpenGL you can use the Engine SDK to do so.

4- New Info Tab
On the Editor left, along with the tabs Sprite, Animation, etc. there is a new tab called Info that shows the transform of a selected Object

5- Bug : Engine modes and Screen View
In Screen View, switching between the Editor modes (Object, Mesh, Play) was making the Editor crash. To fix that, I added the following rules
- Rule 1 : Activating the Screen View (pressing on Screen_View Button) is only possible when the Editor is in Object Mode.
- Rule 2 : When in Screen View it becomes impossible to change the Editor Mode. Pressing the Spacebar will have no effect. Checking the Checkboxes will be impossible (nothing happens if pressed  :P)

Here is the full Releases Notes
Release 1.0.6 [Engine Update]

- [Bug Fix]
        - fix crash when changing mode (object to mesh) in screen_view
        - fix switching to play_mode with ctrl + spacebar not working
        - fix random bomb spawn position does not follow camera
- [Enhancement]
        - remove editor default_scene when a scene is added
        - add alias nero::Editor for nero::DevEngine
        - add editor render_window icon
        - link Glew in SDK to allow the creation of openGL projects
        - add new finders in nero::ObjectManager (find [Text, Animation, SolidAnimation])
        - add InfoTab (display selected object transforms)
        - prevent mode switching in screen_view
        - screen_view activation only work in object_mode
        - add doxygen documentation generation in CMakelists.txt
        - add Doxygen and Graphviz (dot) binaries in SDK
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