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Author Topic: SFML Game Engine for Web (HTML 5 - CSS 3), Android and PC  (Read 5860 times)

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Re: SFML Game Engine for Android and PC ☆☆☆ New Version ☆☆☆
« Reply #15 on: July 14, 2020, 08:40:36 pm »
Hi all,
- is::Engine for CMake is available here.
This time there is a surprise waiting for you in the Demo!
- SDM now allows you to give names (yes real names ^^) to objects so that you can better control them.

Here is an example of code that makes the player jump :
// We add the player object
SDMaddSceneObject(std::shared_ptr<Player>(new Player()), true, true, "Player One");

// Use the player object
if (auto player = SDMgetObject("Player One"); player != nullptr) player.jump();


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Re: SFML Game Engine for Android and PC ☆☆☆ v2.2 Available ☆☆☆
« Reply #16 on: August 07, 2020, 09:11:31 pm »
Hello,  :)
is::Engine 2.2 is available! New features :

Now the SDM can fully manage an SFML window, i.e. it automatically manages:
- Close, focus and keyboard / touch events (on Android)
- Update and display of SFML Sprites
- The display of a confirmation dialog when you try to close the application with the CANCEL key (Configurable key in GameConfig.h)

Note that you can change the way is::Engine handles events and dialog box answers (YES, OK, NO), by simply overriding the SDMmanageSceneEvents() and SDMmanageSceneMsgAnswers() methods.

A Background system that allows you to easily create backgrounds in a scene.

Improved Basic Collision Engine:
- Added Circle collision mask
- Possibility to draw (in a scene) the collision masks of each object (the engine automatically determines the type of mask used)

The purpose of the Basic Collision Engine is not to replace Box 2D but to allow you to easily do simple collision tests. Believe me, a lot can be done with Basic collisions (Rectangle and Circle) proof the first game of the engine I Can Transform was created only with Rectangle collision masks.

The user guide is now available in a web version (HTML).

Improved Level Editor

The Demo project which is on Git hub has been replaced by an is::Engine-style Hello World Project in order to get you started quickly with the engine.

In less than 50 lines of code the Hello World project scene does these things:
- Load resources (music, texture, font)
- Manage SFML window events (focus, close, key)
- Displays a confirmation box when you press ESCAPE (represents the Back key on Android)
- Set a background color for the scene
- Change the game language (English / French)
- Communicate with you through an RPG-style dialog box
- Automatically display an SFML Sprite
- Automatically displays a background that fills the scene and scrolls vertically and horizontally (with speed)
- Updates and draws an object that animates (Of course a Class has been created for this object ^^)
- Play good music

You can take a look at the project to see it yourself!

The goal of is::Engine is to allow you to create everything you want easily and simply!  ;)
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Re: SFML Game Engine for Android and PC ☆☆☆ v2.2 Available ☆☆☆
« Reply #17 on: September 07, 2020, 08:06:13 pm »
Hi everyone, hope you are doing well!  :)
is::Engine 3.0 is available and brings huge new features:

Support for TMXLite and TMXLoader library: which allows you to use the Tiled level editor with the engine.
Official supported version is TMXLite link. You can use another engine version with TMXLoader link.

Multiplatform engine: You can now use a single project to develop on Android, Windows and Linux (To compile on different OS, just change the IDE).

Support of several development tools: You can use Android Studio, CMake, Visual Studio Code and Code::Blocks with the same project.

Event system for object: allows to use SFML events in objects (Was used in the TMXLoader example).

Button System: Allows you to create customizable buttons and use them in your games (Was used in the TMXLoader example).

Engine optimization: The games are two (2) times faster.

This time the Engine Demo is about an iconic game that marked a whole generation and which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year:
It's Super Mario Bros!

As a bonus some small additions have been made to this version to make it even more Fun!  ;D

Happy Birthday Super Mario Bros!

Here is the video of the demo:
Sorry for the quality of the video and the slowing down of the game. Apparently my Graphics Card doesn't want me to play a game and do video capture at the same time!  ::)

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Re: SFML Game Engine for Web (HTML 5 - CSS 3), Android and PC
« Reply #18 on: October 07, 2020, 08:31:31 pm »
Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well! :D
is::Engine 3.1 is available, here are the new features:

Web support (HTML 5 - CSS 3): you can now run your C/C++ games in a Web Browser.

GRM (Graphics Resources Manager) system: allows you to use Textures and fonts without using (instantiating) an SFML object in the code.

CFF (CMake Files Fusion) system: Now all the CMakeLists.txt files that allow you to compile your games on Android, PC and Web are all linked to the same include file (app_src.cmake / isengine.cmake).
When you fill in a source file (.cpp) in the app_src.cmake or isengine.cmake include file, it is automatically detected in all CMakeLists.txt files which allows you to compile on different platform (Web, Windows, Linux & Android).
Note that:
You can decide how the file will be included (eg: prevent C++ files which are intended only for the PC from being supported when compiling on Android / Web)!

Have nice day ! ;)