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found this on edx

probably too basic for 95% of the people here
but since I'm a total beginner I'm going to give it a try


Students will learn to create computer-generated images of 3D scenes, including flybys of objects, make a real-time scene viewer, and create very realistic images with raytracing. 
We will start with a simple example of viewing a teapot from anywhere in space, understanding the basic mathematics of virtual camera placement. 
Next, you will learn how to use real-time graphics programming languages like OpenGL and GLSL to create your own scene viewer, enabling you to fly around and manipulate 3D scenes. 
Finally, we will teach you to create highly realistic images with reflections and shadows using raytracing.

This is a course on the foundations of computer graphics and covers concepts, not the intricacies of a particular software package. That said, you will be able to write complex interactive and offline 3D graphics programs at the end of the course in C++, OpenGL and GLSL.

Length:  6 weeks

I downloaded SFML and Thor about a week ago, 
and I've ordered "Game Programming Patterns" from amazon, 
I've also bought and have started going through the SFML Game Development book.

While going through the example code I can see my C++ is not at a proper level

So as a total beginner I'm keeping my eyes open for any tutorials or courses.

Hope some people here find this one useful.

General / Re: Book - CommandQueue
« on: July 30, 2015, 12:12:00 am »
it's on sale for $10 right now

SFML projects / Re: Crea - very cool game made with SFML
« on: July 29, 2015, 06:49:11 pm »
cool, didn't know he was on the forum -- makes sense though

there is an entire category on twitch devoted to game development

a lot seems to be unity and RPGMaker, but there are all kinds of interesting things out there (especially for a noob like me)

SFML projects / Crea - very cool game made with SFML
« on: July 29, 2015, 07:57:00 am »
watching this at the moment

he's coding the game live on stream
he's using SFML and python

it's pretty freaking cool

he just got the grappling hook working for the character

here's a video of what he's making



hope this isn't coming off like an advertisement

I just download SFML a couple of days ago and have been looking for games made with and found this so I thought I would share

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