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Author Topic: [Android x64 Support + SDL 2] SFML Game Engine for Web (HTML), Android & PC  (Read 9600 times)

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Hi everyone, hope you are doing well!

You can now run SFML C++ games with the SDL 2 library, export your SFML games to Android 64-bit, use multiple game libraries at the same time, and easily send your C++ data to JavaScripts with version 3.3 of is::Engine.

Game Engine Link

Details of new features:
- The is::LibConnect function: Allows you to develop with several game libraries at the same time (SFML, SDL 2, SMK (Emscripten)) in one and the same project!

- Possibility to develop C++ SFML games with SDL 2 (Your SFML games will run on the SDL 2 library! Yes, yes it is possible!).

- Support for Android x64 architectures: Now you can export your C++ games to several Android architectures (armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x64,…).
Which means that you can now publish your C++ games on Google Play! (Yeaaah !!!)

- The OpenURL function now allows you to open web links on many system: PC (Windows / Linux), Web (HTML 5), Android.

- A new function to manipulate dates

- Very practical data sending system for sending C++ data to javascript (Emscripten).

Example code to display C++ data in Javascript:

std::vector<std::string> vectorArray;
vectorArray.push_back("is::Engine is really great!");
vectorArray.push_back("With this tool everything is possible!");
vectorArray.push_back("I'm sure you'll love it!");

// The javascripts part
    var vectorArray = new Module.VectorString($0);
    }, &vectorArray);

Output in the browser console:
is::Engine is really great!
With this tool everything is possible!
I'm sure you'll love it!

Have a good day!


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Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well!
is::Engine 3.3.1 is available! Here are the new features:

- Fixed the bug that distorted images when using rotation.
- Optimization of the rendering part of the engine that uses SDL. Games are now smoother!
- Integration of a file saving system for the Web (HTML 5). No need to re-implement yours anymore!
- The OpenURL function now allows making phone calls (on Android) and contacting by email.

is::openURL("www.yoursiteweb.com", is::OpenURLAction::Http); // open link
is::openURL("youremail@gmail.com", is::OpenURLAction::Email); // open email
is::openURL("+2280011223344", is::OpenURLAction::Tel); // Make a call

Have a good day ! :)